Bumble chewing a delicacy!!!

My friend Nicky bought Bumble and Tyler dried Bull’s penises!!
They stink and Mum has banned them from the house now!!


My handsome four legged boy!

Bumble chilling out!!!


Wilf's new glasses!

After being chased for months to get new glasses Wilf went to Specsavers last week and chose these!! I love his smile!! In fact I love every little bit of him!!!!

Chelsea Fan in full regalia!

This is Wilfred all ready to go to the pub with his friends Denis and Sophie to watch Chelsea v Aston Villa. They are all HUGE Chelsea fan!!!

Horrendous hayfever. I am on antihistimines and eye drops.

Wilf went to see the live action War Horse streamed into the cinema last Saturday and loved it!


Wilf has just texted me to tell me he has just saved all six of the school ducks!! He went to feed them and there was a fox in the pen with them! He informed me that he had yelled “SHOOOOOOO” and the fox ran away! I did think that if he had yelled at me like that I would have run a mile too!!!