I have three god children and two who are not baptised who I treat the same as my god-children! My nearly god-daughter Jo who is nearly 15 did a cake stall this morning for the Phillipines Typhoon Appeal. Mum and I did some baking for her and she raised £167.50!
I was so pleased for her!!!
Then this afternoon my littlest goddaughter Evie came to visit with her elder sis and bro May and Oscar. M & O love coming to visit because “We alwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys get chocolate cake at Charlotte’s house!!” I duly sent them home with the remains of the chocolate cake and some lemon biscuits! Bumbledog loves them coming but Tyler is so enormous I have to shut him in the sitting room as he scares Evie! I take the responsibility of being a GM very seriously. I feel that some people take on the job and don’t understand the responsibility. I had the most AMAZING GM who died five years ago. She showed me how and what it means to be GM. When she sadly passed away I told her daughters at her funeral that I was being the same GM to my godchildren as she had been to me!