href=””>ImageThis is what we get up to on a Sunday morning at 7.30am! It was so lovely outside that we went into the fields opposite the house and then home via the road which is where Bumble found the hole! He loves this walk as he doesn’t have to wear his muzzle. He has to wear it in the village as certain things make him jumpy and he can suddenly with no warning lunge at people. He nipped a friend of mine as he was cycling away on his bicycle and I made the decision then to use the muzzle rather than risk anything else. We are now back in bed again and I am listening to Good Morning Sunday with him curled up beside me. Later this morning I am going to make some brownies for my friends children as she mended my handbag and wont let me pay her. Also an apple pie for an old man across the road who when he saw the Bramleys on my tree was dropping VERY large hints about what his favourite pudding was!!!