I decided to email Good Morning Sunday this morning to tell Clare Balding about Wilf donating his train set and farm to EACH!! Bless her cotton socks Clare read my email out! If you want to hear it it’s about halfway through after she plays an Elton John track! I cried when I listened to her reading it out!
Its been an emotional morning anyway as I was talking to a friend on FB who walks her dog in fields near to Jack’s grave and takes her nine year old daughter and six year old son to the grave on a regular basis. She says that they ask to go and understand about Jack and call him Wilf’s big brother! 😦 The little girl always comes up to me in the playground and says “We’ve been to see Jack!” I explained this time to her why his cross wasn’t there and that it should be back soon!
I am currently waiting for the roofer (don’t think he will turn up!) to come and put polystyrene on my roof as it is leaking badly!!