He was allowed to go into town on his own and had his haircut! He is very proud of himself! Yesterday I went to the tip in the morning and nearly got reversed over by some daft bint who looked out of her window and said to Mum, me and the men working there, “I say would you mind all keeping still whilst I reverse??” Mum looked at me with steely eyes and said VERY quietly “don’t you dare reply Charlotte!”
I took Bdog after lunch and we had a lovely walk in the field. I am still anxious about falling again but it is getting better with time! On our way back we saw Nicky and Rosie in the little meadow behind Nicky’s house and we went in and let Bumble and Rosie play together. I took a lovely pic of B when he had nicked Rosie’s ball which I will post on here!
Later on I went to the village fete and stayed a couple of hours. I was going to go to the evening do but it was too cold!