I was awake quite early so relaxed and listened to GMS on R2. I then got up and put a load of washing in the machine and took Bdog to the shop to get the paper. I had a list of things that I wanted to achieve today and I managed to get them all done! Got the washing out, froze some pureed apple, and cleaned my kitchen and hovered the sitting room. I went to my friends daughters 3rd birthday party and then to Mums for lunch. This afternoon I took B into the woods and spent the majority of the afternoon listening to the R2 concert. Josh Groban was amazing but he didn’t play To Where You Are which is Jack’s song. He did play You Raise Me Up which reminds me of when my Dad died. 😦
I think I may have either fractured or broken the second toe on my left foot when I fell over as it is swollen and sore!
Now about to watch XF!