I woke up this morning feeling very sore, hand, thigh and back………….. 😦
I went next door last night and took Bdog with me. We watched Masterchef round there. Mr nextdoor wandered into the sittingroom and saw Bdog on the sofa and was heard to mutter “I see that dog’s making himself at home…….he wasn’t allowed on the sofa before!!”
Bumble lay on the sofa and grinned at him!:D 😀
I watched the first episode of Whitechapel and nearly cacked myself as it was very gory and had lots of jumpy bits!
Mum is coming round this morning and we are going to the tip. We have taken so much stuff there that the man knows us now! Mum said that it comes to something when you are recognised at the tip!
I go back to work at school at lunchtime today! I am looking forward to seeing all my children!! My boss loves cake so will take him a piece of beetroot cake!!