He is quite anxious about going but I am sure he will be fine when he gets there! He has to walk to college now from the house where he now lives which is about five minutes from college!

I have asked him to remember to talk to the lady who does his eyetests as when he was attacked by another student in the holidays the other boy got hold of his glasses and damaged them!  I bet he forgets!

VERY EXCITED as Whitechapel is back on ITV tonight!!! I am a HUGE fan! I have told my friend I will prob be banging on her door at 9.02pm! The last series had a super creepy episode with a man watching a woman in a house from behind a secret wall and mirror! It actually scared me more than any horror film has ever done!! I will update on Wilf’s day later. Bumble is outside as I type waiting for Mum to arrive and abusing any poor soul who walks past the garden!!