Wilf got on ok in college. He as predicted didn’t sort his glasses out and got teased by another boy and laughed at by his ex gf but managed to keep a lid on his emotions!

I decided to take Bumble out a little while ago and set off along the road out of the village. I got to the end of the pavement and was walking along the road when two cars came along. I then managed in spectacular style to slip off the road and lose my balance. I went flat on my face and my hand slid along freshly laid tarmac! I let go of Bumble’s lead because I was disorientated and bless him he stayed with me. Luckily for me my best friend’s niece who is dating a friend of mine stopped and ran back. I was convinced I had lost my glasses but they were on the end of my nose! She grabbed B’s lead as lots of cars were coming home from work and picked me up and drove me home! I gave here a piece of Beetroot cake as a thankyou! Bumble is very out of sorts as his walked ended so abruptly and he thinks he has done something wrong!! My friend has put some sterrry strips on my hand and I have had some ibuprofen as I tried to stop myself falling and cricked my neck. My left thigh is very sore too!! I am lucky to have such caring friends!