I am just back from a two hour trip to the hospital. I have had damaged knees for some time and I saw a lady at the hospital today. She sent me for an xray and Mum and I sat there for AN HOUR!!! Whilst there I saw the MOST disgusting tee shirt I have ever seen. It said………NAUGHTY GIRLS STEAL MY HONEY!!!!!!!!!! Wrong on so many levels!!!
On the way back we stopped at Saxtead Mill and I bought Mum a well deserved ice cream. This morning before we left I with help from my surrogate godson and his mum plus a linen prop and a flyswat harvested my greengages! For the Millennium Wilf’s Dad bought four fruit trees for him, one died but we have a cherry, greengage and a VERY tempremental Bramley Apple tree!
Tonight we are off to dog training with my friend Nicky and her dog Rosie who is Bumble’s best friend. We go to a huge aircraft hanger which can get very noisy when it is filled up with at any one time two poodles, a hairy german shepherd, a greyhound a jack Russell and a Bumble!! It is very heartening to have so many new followers. THANKYOU VERY MUCH XX