I was awake at 6 this morning. Bumble was doing canoebics (dog aerobics!!) under the duvet. I put the radio on and fell asleep again! When i woke up again Aled Jones was talking about the Snowdrop Walk for Bereaved Parents. I emailed to tell him that Jack has snowdrops on his grave. He read my email and played Eleanor Rigby for me!! When i eventually got up Bumble exacted a spectacular revenge for the snowball that i threw at him last night. He bottomsurfed along the path and stopped just short of the front door. The snow however carried on over the doorstep and over my bare legs and feet!!! When i was dressed i walked to the shop calling at my friend Hettys (she is an old lady with no family in the village)she didnt need any shopping so got to Gordons and got some money for his bits. Bumble didnt like being left outside the shop and i think the whole village heard him!(blush) I ended up leaving B at G’s house while i delivered papers for the shop. After lunch i did some maths work with Wills my friends seven year old, then mucked my kitchen out and made some homemade soup and choc chip cookies. I am now relaxing on the sofa. Wilfred was at school this weekend as it was his “stay” weekend. It sounds awful to say but i am glad he was there because he wouldnt have got back if he had been at home!!!