I havent  posted for a few days as things have been a bit stressful. Wilfred came home for the weekend and spent all the time hacking like he smokes 60 a day (which he doesnt) He has been to the doctors at school today and they think his asthmas has come back!! :-(((

Whilst he was home for the weekend he went to two firework displays. Fri night he went with my friend and her son and Sat night i took him to a StatelyHome near our home and managed to lose him him minus his mobile which is not good for my nerves! He reappered quite quickly.

Yesterday he managed to lose his mobile phone sock (not the phone thankfully) I have had to ring Monkeyworld and order a new one!

Bumble has been in disgrace since yesterday afternoon. He ate a whole bag of Wilfreds fudge and this morning he burrowed under the fence and “visited” the gardens of FOUR of our neighbours! I have spent a large part of this afternoon knocking on doors and apologising!!!

All in all i have had better days!!