I was awake at 6am (old 7am!!) I dozed on and off as much as i could with Bumble doing what appeared to be doggy aerobics under the duvet. My bed is built under the window and Mr B’s fave trick is to sit with his head between the curtains and bark loudly at whoever takes his fancy. (On Friday night he heard two different lots of people walking past at midnight and loudly told them in doggy speak that they had woken him up!!)

I lay in bed with Radio 2 on. Aled played our Bereaved Mums song. To Where You Are by Josh Groban. It always makes me wish for Jack so much. The lyrics are beautiful. Wilf came in at just after 8.30. I gave him his breakfast and he went out with his best friend Jack to walk their dogs together. Wilf and Jack have been friends since Jack was 18 months and Wilf was 6 months old!

After lunch they both disapeared off to the park together. He came back in time for the taxi, he went and said goodbye to his Grandma and then he was off. I took Bumble down to the shop then into church to stock up on the candles and matches in our prayer tray. Today would have been mine and Franks 18th Wedding Anniversary. Remembering you with love darling xx

I am now chilling with Mr B beside me. Im going to watch The XF. I thought Johnnie was AMAZING last night! Then an early night!

Tomorrow evening im going to watch some of the children who i look after at school doing Macbeth at The Wolsey in Ipswich!! Go Go All Saints!!