I have just got in from a bereavement service at our village church. You can have the names of your loved ones read out and I had Jacks name read out as well as his Dad and my Dad and Grandma. The vicar in his address was talking about happy memories with our loved ones and how there are 86,400 seconds in a day. I have no happy memories of Jack and i only had him for 7,200 seconds…………………….

This morning i took Bumble out for his walk and  had a scare  Bumble plunged into the slippery ditch and wrapped his lead round a tree, he kept struggling to get out, i darent go into the ditch as i was scared i would get stuck too! I rang Di(my neighbour) and she calmed me down. In the end Bumble got far enough up my side for me to grab his collar and unclip the extending lead which after a pull pinged back to me!! Scared/Relieved doesnt quite cover it!!

Wilf has been out with his support worker this morning shopping and enjoyed himself. He came back with a very smart haircut! Bumble escaped out of the garden this afternoon before church and i had to walk the length of the field to get him back. I was not amused.

I am doing an easy tea tonight. Pizza and Smelly Bread (Wilfs name for Garlic Bread!!)

Tonight we are going to watch X Factor.