Bumble decided to throw up just before we left to go to Ipswich which meant i spent the whole day anxious about him. We had a  lovely shopping trip including the obligatory trip to Poundland! It was worth it though as the only fizzy drink that Wilf can have is 7up and PL do 2 bottles for a quid!! We went to see his former Link mum who he calls Mumma 2. Also we went to see his special sister in her new flat, coincedentally her brother pulled up behind us in his taxi whilst we were waiting at the lights. Cue mad waving from Wilf and looks of panic/alarm from the passenger!!

We go home late after a detour (Mummy 2 drove us home as i cant drive). We stopped to pick up some bits from a friend. We got home with half an hour to spare before we had to go out again to a beetle drive. Wilf quickly ate his beef in beer from the slow cooker (oh and £1 ready made mash). Beetle Drives are great for deaf children as the only help they need is for someone to tell them when Beetle has been called.

I am now wide awake as i made the error of drinking coffee at the BD. Bumble is asleep at the bottom of the bed!