I didnt go out so early this morning and boy was it slippery! I met one of my regular fellow walkers and he warned me in advance. I let Bumbles extending lead go when we got on the edge of the field and it was literally like water skiing!!!!! Wilf stays at home when i take Mr B out.

Wilf has discovered skype this week. It is great with his deaf friends as he can sign with them…. It is disconcerting though when you are on the landline and you can hear another phone ringing!!!

Wilf went  had out with his support worker this afternoon and i had the unenviable task of bathing Mr B. I have done it twice on my own. The first time was because he had rolled in dead mouse!! My friend Jean was roped in to help as i really cannot manage on my own. He keeps trying to jump out and im terrified hes going to get hurt. He sat resignedly in the bath while the deed was done, then scuttled downstairs and was firmly removed from the sofa whilst he was still wet. Jean and I sat down to watch something on YT on the laptop. Bumble then jumped between us, grinned at us both, licked us both then shot off back to his basket. Ten seconds later i found out why he vanished. He had dropped an ENORMOUS fart!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Wilf got home we went to see his adopted Grandma Edith whos birthday is today. We got her flowers and Wilf got her a book about what children say about their grandmas!! She is a lovely lady and is honoured that Wilf asked her to be his Grandma!!

Tomorrow we are off to Ipswich to do some shopping and to visit the lady who used to be Wilfs Link Mum for SS. Wilf calls her Mummy 2.